Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Relisting of Sheep for Sale

Well - not surprising - one of my deals has fallen through. This is why I insist upon a deposit.

So - I will relist the following sheep for sale.

See the terms and conditions below.

Pedro: $225

Rosie: $225

Mikaela: $300
(very rare genetics in Canada)

Fancy: $225

Also - as per the previous post - several chickens - and a couple of ducks for sale.

Please contact me if you require further information:


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here's Who is Left

We've had a real sales frenzy in the last two days - and we're down to only a couple of sheep left on the sales page. Keep checking back though - as I have one more ewe (possibly two) left to lamb.

We still have as follows:

Bernard - "Wether" $100

Bernard is one year old. He is a castrated ram.
Bernard is incredibly gentle. He will make a nice
companion wether or pet.


Kalwa Taure Fancy - Black and White ewe lamb
(on left in picture)


Fancy was born on June 4/09.
She is out of WG Bella and KT Bernard.
She's an incredibly striking looking young
ewe who will retain these markings as she

Kalwa Taure Peanut - " Wether"


Peanut has an amazing fleece - and is a beautiful
musket colour - musket is kind of oatmeal coloured.

He is a wonderful ram companion - and has been housed with Pedro for the last couple of years.
He is very respectful - and keeps his distance.
He has also been housed with the ewes - I just recommend that you watch out for the horns.
Not that he butts you - just that when he gets excited at feeding time, he forgets he has them.

Ok - I thought I would also put these up here as well:

We have 2 crested x indian runner ducklings left
for sale - I think one is a male - not sure about
the other. The one has a crest - the other does not. $2o for the pair.


I am selling off my bantam chickens --

I have 2 silver sebright roosters and 1 silver
sebright hen - $15 ea

I have 2 silkie hens - one is white, one is buff
$10 each (not show quality).

I have 1 Old English Game cross hen with
11 chicks under her $15 (instant flock).
The chicks are probably silky cross.

And I have several bantam cochin cross
hens as well - $5 each - various mixes.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these birds - I can send pictures.

That's it - everyone else that was on the sales list is sold - of course - this is Pending Payment and pick-up.
Do keep checking back - there may be more available later in the summer as we continue to scale back in anticipation of our move in the next year or so.

And I want to thank everyone who purchased a sheep from me this year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Terms of Sale

Just some quick notes:

-We travel extensively through Ontario - delivery to a meeting point may be possible.
This is usually at no extra charge.

-Delivery - we can deliver sheep to an area where we do not usually travel if necessary - however, we do charge for delivery (Cost of gas & board if an overnight trip).

- Please note - we will NOT ship any sheep or meet you anywhere with these sheep unless we know
you, have dealt with you in the past - or the sheep have been paid for.

-All sales are CASH or CERTIFIED Cheque. I accept a cheque ahead of delivery date - with 10 days to clear the bank.

-These sheep are not for MEAT. They are registered - purebred - breeding stock. If you desire - they are great pets - and they are great for fibre.

-I do offer a 10% discount on the purchase of 3 or more sheep at one time.

-If you wish to purchase sheep and have me hold them - a 25% non-refundable deposit is required. I will hold the sheep for up to 60 days - after that - a weekly charge of $5 per sheep will apply.

Please contact me if you would like further information:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sales List

Ok - here are some more on the sales list.

Kalwa Taure Bernard -
Black Wether $100
Born June 23/08
Very gentle and sweet.

Kalwa Taure Peanut
Musket wether - (should really go with Pedro as
they are buddies and used to one another).
Born May 5/03

Willow Garden PeggyLee
Born: April 24/05
Mioget - yuglet, flecket, sokket


Willow Garden Queen Latifah
Born: May 18/05
Mioget Smirslet gulmoget, sokket.
(VERY pregnant in this picture).

Willow Garden Vivien Leigh
Born April 24/04
Pet Stock only. (Never been bred)
Grey Katmoget

Hopeful Wilbur
Born April 27/04
Grey Wether

And these are updated pictures of the lambs that are for sale:
They will be ready to go in Mid July - a 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold.

First up:
Black ram lamb - white krunet.
Born June 2/09.

Kalwa Taure Fancy:

Black Yuglet, sokket, flecket.
Born June 4/09


Mioget ewe lamb with white krunet
Born June 4/09



Mioget ram lamb with 2 sokkets.

Born June 2/09



To contact me directly regarding any of these sheep:


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Sheep for Sale

This magnificent ram is Pedro. SOLD

Woolly Pedro - 3 years old. April 27/06.
Sire is Valley Road Rusty (mioget).
Dam is Woolly Nelly (black/white).

He's for sale as well - and at a very good deal.

Pedro is a proven ram - horns are Excellent.

Conformation is fantastic.
Pedro has a very nice disposition - however - I would remind any potential purchaser that he IS a ram - and you must always treat rams with great respect.

OK - for the deal.
Pedros price is $200.............or
If you purchase 2 other sheep at regular price - I will throw Pedro into the deal for $50 more! (this deal does not qualify for the 10% discount).

By the way - if you want spots - this is your man.

OK - here is a group of ladies that it tears my heart apart to sell:

Bluff Country Mikeala: 5/7/03
Sire: SheepyHollow Zorro (black)
Dam: Bluff Country Zodiak (black)

She is a black and white iset,
smirslet, flecket, sokket.
She was Nancy Krohn's first HST lamb.
Mikeala has a wonderful and gentle


Windwater Snickers: 5/2/07
Mioget, flecket.
Sire:Willow Garden Box Car Willie.
Dam: Windwater Lilac (mioget).
Snickers is an absolute darling. She is blind in one
eye due to a run in with a gate - but is otherwise
fine. She has never been bred.


Windwater Rosie: 4/23/06
(Sorry about the picture - taken last year - and
she was heavily pregnant at the time.)
Rosie is a mioget gulmoget krunet.
Sire: Willow Garden Luther Vandross
Dam: Willow Garden ZsaZsa Gabor

She has just lambed for us again.
I'd like to keep her here until her lambs are weaned (around July 20th)

These 3 girls are offered at $225 each - if you
take 3 or more sheep - you will get 10% off.

That's it for tonight.
I have several more for sale - I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lambs for Sale

Well - as many of you know - we are moving to the East coast in the next year or so - and we can't take all of our shetland sheep with us.

So - we have to put some up for sale.

Today - I will start with the lambs that are currently for sale.

First up are Windwater Rosie's 2 ram lambs - born on June 2nd, 2009.

Both are Rams -

Sire is Kalwa Taure Bernard (black with white krunet).

Dam is Windwater Rosie (mioget Flecket)

Both parents carry the mioget gene - so there is an incredible chance that the little ram in the picture may turn out to be mioget - I'm kind of watching to see. By the way - he also has 2 white socks on the back feet.

Next up are Bella's Lambs - born on June 4th,2009.

Both are ewe lambs.

The sire is again Kalwa Taure Bernard (black with white krunet).

The dam is WillowGarden Bella - light gray or musket yuglet.

The little girl on the left is a black yuglet, sokket.
The little girl on the right - again I think is going to be mioget - with white spots on the head.

Both girls again - carry the mioget genes.

Here is a better picture of the yuglet sokket (Fancy is her name).

Fancy is $250.
All others are $200 each.

There is a 10% discount if you take 3 or more sheep at one time.

Stay tuned - I will be posting everyone else that is for sale in a few days.