Monday, August 2, 2010

Update to Sales Page

Well, I thought it was time to update the sales page. There are a few more sold. So - let's put everyone that's left for sale on one page.

Let's start with the ewes. Now - none of these ewes have ever been bred, so I can't vouch for
how easy they are as birthers or how good they are as moms. That being said - anyone who fails to catch when exposed to a ram - I will buy back.

Kalwa Taure Ruby:
Sire: Kalwa Taure Bernard (black)
Dam: Willow Garden Bella (lt Gray)
DOB: June 4/09

I thought this little girl was going to be emsket,
but she has turned out to be fawn or musket, which is a lovely light light golden brown colour.
A lot of people will actually call it oatmeal - but I think it's a bit darker.

Ewenique Wren:
Sire: Woolly Fred (fawn katmoget)
Dam: Willow Garden Lentil (emsket)
DOB: April 6/08

Wren is a lovely little fawn katmoget - but she
also is carrying emsket on her mothers side - so there are possibilities there.

Windwater Snickers
Sire:WG Box Car Willie
Dam: Windwater Lilac
DOB: May 2/07


Snickers is a mioget, yuglet, sokket.
Mioget is a light reddish colour - very much sought after. She has a decently crimpy fleece.
She's very shy - but getting friendlier.

Now for the remaining boys: (Rams/Wethers)

First up is:
Kalwa Taure Little Dude:
Sire: Thistlecroft Thomas (white)
Dam: Windwater Rosie (mioget)


Little Dude is a gray bersugget.
Meaning - he is going to go light gray - his face may stay mottled gray - but he will carry spots.
I was looking at his fleece tonight - and it appears to be pretty crimpy. I think he may be a nice
fella - those horns look good right now.
He will have to be handled with extreme care, as
he was a bottle baby - and is a bit on the over friendly side.

Kalwa Taure Hamish:
Sire: Kalwa Taure Bernard (black)
Dam: Windwater Rosie (mioget)
DOB: June 3/09


Hamish is a moorit (brown) - with 2 white
His horns are clearing very nicely - exactly what a nicely conformed shetland ram should be.
He has a lovely crimpy fleece coming in.
He's also very mannerly and not overly bossy in the ram department.
We have not used him for breeding yet - so cannot say that he is proven.

And saving the best for last.

Hopeful Wilbur
DOB: April 27/04


Wilbur is a castrated ram (wether).
He has a stunning light gray fleece
and he would make a wonderful fibre pet.
He is a bit on the skittish side - and does have a full rack of horns - so I would say that he should
only go to someone with a bit of experience
handling larger animals. He won't butt - but he
is harder to catch because he's skittish.

That's it for now:

Terms are as follows:
Contact me if you are interested in any of these sheep:

50% deposit must be received within 5 days of you showing your interest. Balance is due in CASH when you pick up your sheep.

Delivery is Extra - check with us - sometimes we are heading your way - or close by and delivery can be arranged.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ask for any special deals. These prices are very good now - and will not be lowered or reduced. I may however throw in a free breeding of a ewe to one of my remaining rams - but that is it.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Updated Pictures

I had a bit more time, so instead of making you wait till tomorrow:
here are some more updated pictures of the sheep that are still available:

Thomas: White Ram -> $175 Sold pending payment.

Due to a horn malfunction - Thomas will either need to be castrated - or have his horns trimmed yearly.
He has a lovely dense, crimpy and soft fleece.

Zeus -> $250

White Ram Lamb.
Good looking horns.
Zeus is NOT as fat as he looks in this picture.
Not sure why it came out this way - I think it
was just the way he was standing.

I really really want to keep this fella - he's going to be an awesome ram - and pure white rams are so hard to find.

Little Dude -> $200

Gray Bersugget ram lamb. Horns look good
so far.
Now - I really like this little fella. He has been
bottle supplemented due to the fact he was stolen
at birth and his real mom was kinda rough on him. He is super friendly - which means - you castrate him and turn him into a fibre pet - or you really be careful handling him.

He is going to go light gray in colour - but will carry mioget - and spots.

Caramel -> $250 SOLD

Mioget ewe - krunet, flecket.

Caramel is very sweet, shy and quiet.
She has an awesome crimpy fleece.
If I wasn't downsizing massively, this little lady would definitely be on my to keep list based on her fleece alone.

Snickers -> $250

Mioget, gulmoget, smirslet ewe.

Snickers is standing in a little gully in this picture which is why she looks kinda funny. Again, she's
a shy girl - but very quiet and sweet. Her fleece isn't as nice as Caramels, but she does have a very dense single coated fleece.
This girl would also be on my to keep list if I wasn't downsizing.

That's it for right now on the sales list.
Keep checking back as I am continually assessing the flock as the pain in my shoulder/neck gets worse - and I realize that I can't do this for much longer.

Terms of sale are listed back a few posts - or you can contact me for more info:

Shetland Sheep for Sale

Just a quick update of some pictures of sheep that are still available. We sheared last week - so now you can see them cleaned up a bit.

Hamish -> $250

I really, really like this guy, and I'm considering not selling him. He is a lovely moorit brown
with two white socks on his back legs.
He is one year old - his horns are clearing very nicely - and his disposition is lovely.

Wren -> $250

Wren was not resheared - we only cleaned off her
belly wool.

She is a fawn katmoget.

Gwendolyn -> $200 SOLD

Gwen is white with a couple of brown spots.

Wilbur -> $150

Wilbur is a wether - castrated ram.
He is a beautiful light gray in colour - and has an exceptional fleece.

He would make a good companion for ewes or other wethers or rams. A great addition to any spinners flock.

Still available: (I will post these pictures tomorrow).

Little Dude - gray lamb ram $200.
Zeus - white ram lamb $250.
Thomas - white ram $175.
Caramel - $250.
Snickers - $250

To see pictures in full fleece - or for more information, please scroll down to older posts

Monday, June 21, 2010

Updated Sales List

Time to update the sales list to show who is still

All of these sheep are registered and purebred.
We won't be shearing until next week - so some of them do look a bit raggedy - but I assure you - they are all gorgeous under all that wool.

Ewenique Gwendolyn: $200

Gwen is a Moorit Flecket - 2 years old.
Sire: WG Bok-Choy
Dam: WG Greta Garbo

Ewenique Wren: $250.00

Wren is a Fawn Katmoget - 2 years old.

Sire: Woolly Fred
Dam: WG Lentil

Thistlecroft Thomas: $175

Thomas is a pure white ram.

Sire: Thistlecroft Hunter.
Dam: Belmeadow Rachel

Thomas has one horn that is turning in - it will have to be trimmed if he is kept intact.
However he has a beautiful fleece - so if you castrate him he will make a wonderful fibre pet as he has a very gentle temperament.

Hopeful Wilbur: $150

Wilbur is a wether (castrated ram).

He has a wonderful temperment - and an
absolutely beautiful fleece.
He also has a full set of horns. I will only sell Wilbur to someone who is used to handling rams.
I would love to see him go with Thomas as they are stall mates - and used to each other - so you
wouldn't have too much head banging.

Windwater Caramel (sheared) $250

Caramel is a mioget gulmoget - 3 years old
She has a beautiful fleece and is very shy.
For a picture of her in full fleece - scroll to earlier post.

Sire: WW Rosie
Dam: WG Box Car Willie

Windwater Snickers: $250

Mioget, Flecket, smirslet ewe - 3 years old.
She is very shy.

Sire: WG Box Car Willie
Dam: WW Lilac

Kalwa Taure Zeus: $250

Sire: Thistlecroft Thomas,
Dam: Kalwa Taure Trinity.

Born April 24/10

Zeus is pure white - with a pink nose.
His fleece looks to be evenly crimpy all around.

Tons of white in this little guys genes -
so he's the one to give you white lambs.

Kalwa Taure Dude: $200

Born April 24/10 - triplet

Sire: WW Rosie
Dam: Thistlecroft Thomas

Dude is a gray bersugget - meaning he
will fade to gray - but he carries spots.

Also for Sale:

Kalwa Taure Hamish - Moorit sokket ram. $250.
1 year old.
(Picture coming soon).

I also have some fleeces for sale - please contact for colours and prices.

Sales Conditions:
-A deposit of 50% is due 5 days from date of request. After 5 days, if no deposit is received I will relist the animal for sale. Deposit is non refundable.
-Remaining 50% is due in cash on pickup of the animal - or prior to pickup.
-All animals must be picked up within 30 days of sale unless prior arrangements are made.
-Delivery is Extra and is not included in the sale price. Delivery may be possible depending on location.
-All sheep are dewormed and vaccinated on departure from the farm.

- if you have any questions, please contact me on the blog - or at

Monday, June 14, 2010

More Sheep for Sale

Ok - I'm adding a few more sheep to the sales page tonight.

Please note - some of them look quite raggedy
as I was just learning how to use the hand shears - and yes - I did miss some spots on
them when I was shearing. When my shearer gets here next week I will have him clean them

First up tonight is "Little Dude", he is one of Rosies triplets this year. He looks black - but he will fade to gray. He is a gray bersugget - I think.


So far his horns look good.
Sire is Thistlecroft Thomas
Dam is Windwater Rosie.
DOB: April 24/10

Note: We have been supplementing him with a
bottle as Rosie was not accepting him at first.

Next is:



Sire: Thistlecroft Thomas
Dam: Kalwa Taure Trinity.
DOB: April 24/10

Zeus is gorgeous - I absolutely love him. He has
a wonderful crimpy fleece - his horns look good.
Both his parents are white - so he is no surprise.

This is Ewenique Gwendolyn.
(Yes - I forgot to shear her neck).
Sire:WillowGarden Bok Choy
Dam: WillowGarden Greta Garbo

She is a Moorit Flecket. She has a brown spot on her side - and the back of her neck is a big brown spot as well.

She's a real darling.

Ewenique Wren:
CSBA 632338
Sire: Woolly Fred
Dam: Willow Garden Lentil
DOB:April 5/08


Fawn Katmoget.
(I forgot to shear her belly).
Also very much a darling..

Remember - contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheep for Sale - 2010.

OK - It's time to start selling off the sheep due to a shoulder/neck injury. Unfortunately, my website it down - so I will start with the ones I have pictures of.

We'll start with Windwater Caramel:
Sire: Willow Garden Box Car Willie
Dam: Windwater Rosie


Caramel - is a mioget, gulmoget, krunet ewe.
She has a beautiful fleece.

Next is Windwater Rosie - and her triplets.
First we'll talk about Rosie.
She is the mother of Caramel above.
She is also a mioget, gulmoget, krunet ewe.
Her fleece is very nice as well.

Sire: Willow Garden Luther Vandross
Dam: Willow Garden ZsZsa Gabor

Now for the triplets:

She had 2 white ewe lambs with mioget spots.
So - technically - they are white - but if you breed them - you could get mioget.

She also had a gray bersugget ram lamb.
(I will post his picture tomorrow).

The lambs will sell for $200 each.

Next in line is Carnal Flower, SOLD
Sire: Veliraf Silver Streak
Dam: Windwater Caramel


Flower is a black ewe with no markings. She is 2 years old.
Yes - in this picture - she really needs to be sheared (my shearer is coming next week).

Next up is Windwater Snickers:


Snickers is a mioget flecket ewe.
This is a picture taken of her last year just after
Sire: Willow Garden Box Car Willie
Dam: Windwater Lilac

Next is Windwater Lipstick Rose:

Sire: Veliraf Silver Streak
Dam: Windwater Rolo

Rose is a black gulmoget, bersugget ewe.
She is also 2 years old.
Very friendly - and a very dense, crimpy fleece.

She's very hard to get pictures of because she is so friendly.

Here we have Hopeful Wilbur.


Wilbur is a wether - meaning he is a castrated ram for those of you who aren't versed in sheep.

He has an incredible light gray fleece.
I will only sell Wilbur to someone who is versed in sheep as I don't want anyone getting hurt with a larger ram.
Wilbur is rather skittish - but very nice tempered.

And last but not least:
Thistlecroft Thomas S30011
Sire: Thistlecroft Hunter
Dam: Belmeadow Rachel


Thomas is an intact ram - pure white.
He does have one horn turning in - and before I got him, the shearer cut his horns quite severely.
If you wish to keep him intact - his horns will have to be trimmed yearly so the one does not
hurt him - however - if you castrate him - and trim the horns - they will then grow very slowly.
Thomas is very much a gentleman - and the two ram lambs he sired this year look to have good horns.

So - that's all I have pictures of for today.
Terms - 50% deposit by cash or certified cheque. I will not hold any sheep for longer than 5 days.
Pickup must be within 2 weeks of the cheque clearing the bank. Delivery is not included - but
can be arranged - usually - as we travel quite a bit.
All sheep are vaccinated and dewormed on deliver.

Please contact me if you have any questions at:
or - post a comment - I do check the blog daily.