Monday, June 14, 2010

More Sheep for Sale

Ok - I'm adding a few more sheep to the sales page tonight.

Please note - some of them look quite raggedy
as I was just learning how to use the hand shears - and yes - I did miss some spots on
them when I was shearing. When my shearer gets here next week I will have him clean them

First up tonight is "Little Dude", he is one of Rosies triplets this year. He looks black - but he will fade to gray. He is a gray bersugget - I think.


So far his horns look good.
Sire is Thistlecroft Thomas
Dam is Windwater Rosie.
DOB: April 24/10

Note: We have been supplementing him with a
bottle as Rosie was not accepting him at first.

Next is:



Sire: Thistlecroft Thomas
Dam: Kalwa Taure Trinity.
DOB: April 24/10

Zeus is gorgeous - I absolutely love him. He has
a wonderful crimpy fleece - his horns look good.
Both his parents are white - so he is no surprise.

This is Ewenique Gwendolyn.
(Yes - I forgot to shear her neck).
Sire:WillowGarden Bok Choy
Dam: WillowGarden Greta Garbo

She is a Moorit Flecket. She has a brown spot on her side - and the back of her neck is a big brown spot as well.

She's a real darling.

Ewenique Wren:
CSBA 632338
Sire: Woolly Fred
Dam: Willow Garden Lentil
DOB:April 5/08


Fawn Katmoget.
(I forgot to shear her belly).
Also very much a darling..

Remember - contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.

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