Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheep for Sale - 2010.

OK - It's time to start selling off the sheep due to a shoulder/neck injury. Unfortunately, my website it down - so I will start with the ones I have pictures of.

We'll start with Windwater Caramel:
Sire: Willow Garden Box Car Willie
Dam: Windwater Rosie


Caramel - is a mioget, gulmoget, krunet ewe.
She has a beautiful fleece.

Next is Windwater Rosie - and her triplets.
First we'll talk about Rosie.
She is the mother of Caramel above.
She is also a mioget, gulmoget, krunet ewe.
Her fleece is very nice as well.

Sire: Willow Garden Luther Vandross
Dam: Willow Garden ZsZsa Gabor

Now for the triplets:

She had 2 white ewe lambs with mioget spots.
So - technically - they are white - but if you breed them - you could get mioget.

She also had a gray bersugget ram lamb.
(I will post his picture tomorrow).

The lambs will sell for $200 each.

Next in line is Carnal Flower, SOLD
Sire: Veliraf Silver Streak
Dam: Windwater Caramel


Flower is a black ewe with no markings. She is 2 years old.
Yes - in this picture - she really needs to be sheared (my shearer is coming next week).

Next up is Windwater Snickers:


Snickers is a mioget flecket ewe.
This is a picture taken of her last year just after
Sire: Willow Garden Box Car Willie
Dam: Windwater Lilac

Next is Windwater Lipstick Rose:

Sire: Veliraf Silver Streak
Dam: Windwater Rolo

Rose is a black gulmoget, bersugget ewe.
She is also 2 years old.
Very friendly - and a very dense, crimpy fleece.

She's very hard to get pictures of because she is so friendly.

Here we have Hopeful Wilbur.


Wilbur is a wether - meaning he is a castrated ram for those of you who aren't versed in sheep.

He has an incredible light gray fleece.
I will only sell Wilbur to someone who is versed in sheep as I don't want anyone getting hurt with a larger ram.
Wilbur is rather skittish - but very nice tempered.

And last but not least:
Thistlecroft Thomas S30011
Sire: Thistlecroft Hunter
Dam: Belmeadow Rachel


Thomas is an intact ram - pure white.
He does have one horn turning in - and before I got him, the shearer cut his horns quite severely.
If you wish to keep him intact - his horns will have to be trimmed yearly so the one does not
hurt him - however - if you castrate him - and trim the horns - they will then grow very slowly.
Thomas is very much a gentleman - and the two ram lambs he sired this year look to have good horns.

So - that's all I have pictures of for today.
Terms - 50% deposit by cash or certified cheque. I will not hold any sheep for longer than 5 days.
Pickup must be within 2 weeks of the cheque clearing the bank. Delivery is not included - but
can be arranged - usually - as we travel quite a bit.
All sheep are vaccinated and dewormed on deliver.

Please contact me if you have any questions at:
or - post a comment - I do check the blog daily.

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