Monday, June 21, 2010

Updated Sales List

Time to update the sales list to show who is still

All of these sheep are registered and purebred.
We won't be shearing until next week - so some of them do look a bit raggedy - but I assure you - they are all gorgeous under all that wool.

Ewenique Gwendolyn: $200

Gwen is a Moorit Flecket - 2 years old.
Sire: WG Bok-Choy
Dam: WG Greta Garbo

Ewenique Wren: $250.00

Wren is a Fawn Katmoget - 2 years old.

Sire: Woolly Fred
Dam: WG Lentil

Thistlecroft Thomas: $175

Thomas is a pure white ram.

Sire: Thistlecroft Hunter.
Dam: Belmeadow Rachel

Thomas has one horn that is turning in - it will have to be trimmed if he is kept intact.
However he has a beautiful fleece - so if you castrate him he will make a wonderful fibre pet as he has a very gentle temperament.

Hopeful Wilbur: $150

Wilbur is a wether (castrated ram).

He has a wonderful temperment - and an
absolutely beautiful fleece.
He also has a full set of horns. I will only sell Wilbur to someone who is used to handling rams.
I would love to see him go with Thomas as they are stall mates - and used to each other - so you
wouldn't have too much head banging.

Windwater Caramel (sheared) $250

Caramel is a mioget gulmoget - 3 years old
She has a beautiful fleece and is very shy.
For a picture of her in full fleece - scroll to earlier post.

Sire: WW Rosie
Dam: WG Box Car Willie

Windwater Snickers: $250

Mioget, Flecket, smirslet ewe - 3 years old.
She is very shy.

Sire: WG Box Car Willie
Dam: WW Lilac

Kalwa Taure Zeus: $250

Sire: Thistlecroft Thomas,
Dam: Kalwa Taure Trinity.

Born April 24/10

Zeus is pure white - with a pink nose.
His fleece looks to be evenly crimpy all around.

Tons of white in this little guys genes -
so he's the one to give you white lambs.

Kalwa Taure Dude: $200

Born April 24/10 - triplet

Sire: WW Rosie
Dam: Thistlecroft Thomas

Dude is a gray bersugget - meaning he
will fade to gray - but he carries spots.

Also for Sale:

Kalwa Taure Hamish - Moorit sokket ram. $250.
1 year old.
(Picture coming soon).

I also have some fleeces for sale - please contact for colours and prices.

Sales Conditions:
-A deposit of 50% is due 5 days from date of request. After 5 days, if no deposit is received I will relist the animal for sale. Deposit is non refundable.
-Remaining 50% is due in cash on pickup of the animal - or prior to pickup.
-All animals must be picked up within 30 days of sale unless prior arrangements are made.
-Delivery is Extra and is not included in the sale price. Delivery may be possible depending on location.
-All sheep are dewormed and vaccinated on departure from the farm.

- if you have any questions, please contact me on the blog - or at

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