Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shetland Sheep for Sale

Just a quick update of some pictures of sheep that are still available. We sheared last week - so now you can see them cleaned up a bit.

Hamish -> $250

I really, really like this guy, and I'm considering not selling him. He is a lovely moorit brown
with two white socks on his back legs.
He is one year old - his horns are clearing very nicely - and his disposition is lovely.

Wren -> $250

Wren was not resheared - we only cleaned off her
belly wool.

She is a fawn katmoget.

Gwendolyn -> $200 SOLD

Gwen is white with a couple of brown spots.

Wilbur -> $150

Wilbur is a wether - castrated ram.
He is a beautiful light gray in colour - and has an exceptional fleece.

He would make a good companion for ewes or other wethers or rams. A great addition to any spinners flock.

Still available: (I will post these pictures tomorrow).

Little Dude - gray lamb ram $200.
Zeus - white ram lamb $250.
Thomas - white ram $175.
Caramel - $250.
Snickers - $250

To see pictures in full fleece - or for more information, please scroll down to older posts

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